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Fall 1995

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Bachelor of Arts


Environmental Science

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Al Zamora, Housing Projects Manager, City of North Las Vega

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Dr. James Deacon

Second Committee Member

Dr. Kathleen Truman

Third Committee Member

Dr. Dennis Soden

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The basis of this research, is to evaluate the North Las Vegas area in order to develop knowledge of what areas are in critical need of rehabilitation. Improperly maintained affordable housing is one of the largest sources of wasted resources. The research was obtained through a windshield survey process, which included approximately 12,000 homes in the North Las Vegas area to determine their conditions. The findings of the windshield survey was used to correlate the results of the housing conditions, with demographics such as: Population, Age Distribution, Racial Distribution, Median Income, Poverty Levels, Age of Homes and Female Head of Household, The data also included a breakdown of units in the census tracts into: single family, duplex, triplex, fourplex, and multi-units. The final conclusions of the report allowed funding programs, such as the Rental Rehabilitation program, Rehabilitation program and HOME, to be used more efficiently. Federal funds are provided to residents that cannot afford to, or unable to do needed repairs and maintenance on their residence. When rehabilitation programs are entered into the communities which have the highest concentrations of improperly maintained housing, the communities as well as the environment benefit.


Dwellings remodeling; Federal aid; Government aid; Housing rehabilitation; Low-income housing; Nevada; North Las Vegas (Nev.)


Place and Environment | Urban, Community and Regional Planning | Urban Studies | Urban Studies and Planning

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University of Nevada, Las Vegas




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