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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Teaching and Learning

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Shaoan Zhang

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Jane McCarthy

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Katrina Liu

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Vicki J. Rosser

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During the field experience, the mentors and preservice teachers share personal and professional experiences on a daily basis. This process of information sharing is seen critical to the mentoring relationship development and preservice teachers’ learning to teach. This qualitative study investigates the mentor-mentee perception of the effectiveness of self-disclosure in the field experience. Data was collected from two mentor teachers and three preservice teachers through three different phases and via triangulated sources: semi-structured interviews, direct observation, and focus group interview. Moreover, the findings were reported based on the three themes that are related to research questions: topics and purposes of mentor-mentee self-disclosure, factors that influence the social exchange of the mentor-mentee self-disclosure, and impact of mentor-mentee self-disclosure on preservice teachers’ learning to teach and mentoring relationship development. This study developed a theoretical understanding of the mentor-mentee self-disclosure in the field experience. Additionally, this study shed light on the further investigation of research and theoretical framework of self-disclosure in the field of teacher education.


field experience; mentor; mentoring; preservice teacher; self-disclosure


Teacher Education and Professional Development