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Spring 1996

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Bachelor of Arts


Environmental Science

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Dr. Dennis L. Soden, Associate Professor Environmental Studies, University of Nevada Las Vegas

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An analyses, of six (6) soil remediation alternatives was completed in attempt to establish an effective hydrocarbon-contaminated soils remediation program at the Yucca Mountain Site Characterization Program (YMP). The remediation alternatives analyzed included: no remediation, on-site incineration, off-site incineration, in-situ .bioremediation, ex-situ bioremediation, and excavation and disposal. Variables considered in the evaluation process included cost of contaminated soil transportation, treatment costs, future liability, and success of remediating the contaminated soils to below regulatory thresholds. The analysis concluded in the recommendation of an on-site ex-situ bioremediation treatment facility (BTF) to remediate hydrocarbon-contaminated soils at the YMP. The selection was based on the low treatment costs provided by the technology, the ability to treat the contaminated soils on-site, and the success of the technology to treat contaminated soils to below regulatory thresholds. The BTF will be established to treat YMP hydrocarbon-contaminated soils that originated from operational, historical, and abandoned hydrocarbon releases. Prior to submission for treatment, the contaminated soils must be qualified either through process knowledge or analytical sampling. Through this qualification process, hazardous wastes will entirely be excluded from the contaminated soils wastestream. In addition, the BTF will initially be operated in test mode in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment technology and to develop a baseline remediation schedule. To that end, the BTF is expected to be expanded as site characterization continues at the YMP and ultimately fuction as an effective hydrocarbon contaminated soils remediation program.


Nevada; Oil pollution of soils; Soil pollution; Soil remediation economic aspects; Yucca mountain


Environmental Health and Protection | Environmental Sciences | Natural Resources and Conservation

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University of Nevada, Las Vegas




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