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Bo Bernhard


Worldwide, the smoking population decreases, leaving hospitality venues to decide how a change in policy affects their revenues. In spite of the ban, bars, pubs, and restaurants in countries with a smoking ban report a consistent level of revenue. Within the United States, there are varying degrees of a smoking ban, with minimal effect on revenue. In Nevada, the Nevada Clean Indoor Air Act’s commencement coincided with the Great Recession, skewing hospitality revenue numbers as tourism dwindled. Behaviorally, nonsmokers are more likely to avoid areas with smoke, whereas smokers are not as affected by nonsmoking areas. Casinos in Las Vegas have been operating with smoker comforts in mind, whereas majority of their patrons are nonsmokers. A discussion of compromises to cater more towards nonsmoking guests leads to a method for casinos for implementation. Without a clear and definite change in policy or a casino resort apply a self-imposed ban, smoking is still permitted in the resort.


Casinos; Hospitality industry; Nevada--Las Vegas; Smoking


Business | Hospitality Administration and Management