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Master of Public Administration (MPA)


Public Policy and Leadership

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Jaewon Lim


A.D. Consulting was tasked to conduct a program analysis and evaluation of Rainbow Company Youth Theatre (RCYT), a nationally recognized award-winning youth theatre program who has been operating for almost 40 years, under the auspices of the City of Las Vegas Office of Cultural Affairs. Based on the feedback received from RCYT staff, A.D. Consulting determined that the program evaluation question would be, does participation in Rainbow Company Youth Theatre meet the objective of the organization, which, although not formally stated, is to improve the lives of youth served, and ultimately make “better people”. The evaluation conducted had the following objectives:

❖ To quantify the impact that RCYT has on participant’s lives.

❖ To gather and analyze data to justify continued and additional funding of program.

❖ To produce a tool that RCYT can use to continue to measure outcomes.

A.D. Consulting used a mixed methods design including both qualitative and quantitative research methods. We administered surveys using multiple methods to youth, parents and alumni. Content in surveys was based on researched processes for youth program evaluation, measure parent satisfaction, as well as explore other programmatic areas of interest. In addition to surveys, we recorded observed behavior of all parties and we conducted interviews with a parent and her son who had participated in classes offered by RCYT in the past. We also surveyed youth theatre programs throughout the country, and received two responses that were used for a benchmark analysis of budget, programmatic and mission/objectives characteristics.


Public Administration | Public Affairs | Public Affairs, Public Policy and Public Administration

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University of Nevada, Las Vegas




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