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Fall 1995

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Bachelor of Arts


Environmental Science

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Dennis Soden, Environmental Studies Program, University of Nevada Las Vegas

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John Akana, Agricultural Biologist, Tulare County

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The case study chosen for research is the Remedial Action Plan (RAP) summary report of Remedial Investigations of the Harmon Field contaminated site located near the town of Pixley, in Tulare County, California. "These reports were prepared in accordance with a directive from the California Environmental Protection Agency (Cal-EPA), formerly the California Department of Health Services (DHS). (Canonie, 1996).

Harmon Field is a hundred acre field located at 1494 South Airport Road. The airfield has been in full operation since 1952. The uses of the airport are all agriculturally related. The primary use is for crop duster operations. (Canonie 1996).

This thesis submittal will be written as an overview report of the specific remediation techniques and the chosen alternative.

I will conclude the thesis with an overview critique of the content covered in the report.


Aerial spraying and dusting in agriculture; Airports; California; Groundwater pollution; Harmon Field Airport (Calif.); Pesticides environmental aspects; Pixley (Calif.); Soil remediation; Water pesticide content


Environmental Health and Protection | Environmental Sciences

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University of Nevada, Las Vegas




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