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December 2016

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Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA)



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Jennifer Grim

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Marina Sturm

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Timothy Hoft

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André Jolivet’s Fusion, represents his formative style period, post-World War II. Fusion is a combination of Jolivet’s two earlier style-writing periods for flute, “magical music” and conventional lyricism. This study presents detailed analyses of two compositions reflecting this style period, Concerto pour flûte et piano and Sonate pour flûte et piano, by André Jolivet. In order to acquaint the reader with Jolivet’s interest in ancient musical cultures, a brief biography offers information on Jolivet’s interests in ancient rituals and mysticism. As appointed Director of the Comédie-Française in 1945, Jolivet extensively travelled and experienced new musical phenomena. These musical phenomena, Japanese musical influences, are experienced in the Concerto and Sonata. As a result of his travels, Jolivet found the flute uniquely adaptable to music that beckoned his interests in ancient musical societies. Through this author’s examination and description of these works, the reader gains further insight into the variables of Jolivet’s technique and style. The historical information and analysis will be valuable for rehearsal and performance preparation to create aesthetic and intuitive contexts for understanding these compositions.


Concerto; Flute; Japanese; Jolivet; Magical Music; Sonate


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University of Nevada, Las Vegas




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