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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Public Policy and Leadership

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Christopher Stream

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Helen Neill

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Jaewon Lim

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Stephen P. Brown

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Designed as a three-article style dissertation, this study was developed to first assess literature and data related to veteran outcomes following active duty service. Secondly, this dissertation sought to determine the best approach for measuring changes in veteran outcomes as a function of the policy process, which resulted in the development of a new methodological approach, Event Outcome Analysis based on Event History Analysis. Finally, veteran outcomes in employment and educational degree attainment were measured using Event Outcome Analysis to determine the relative impact of the 2008 GI Bill on Post-9/11 veterans. Study findings included statistically significant 2008 GI Bill impacts on educational degree attainment rates among Post- 9/11 veterans using 11-years of American Community Survey-Public Use Microdata Sample (ACS-PUMS) annual cross-sectional data. Additionally, these results provide a successful application of Event Outcome Analysis with a discussion of future applications of the new methodological approach. The three articles, chapters 2 through 4, were developed to be standalone publications in an iterative design with each article informing subsequent work. As a cumulative work, this dissertation adds substantive data strategies for studying veteran outcomes using nationally available data, a new methodological approach for policy and program evaluation using cross-sectional data, and an initial beta-test of the developed methodology with significant findings about veteran life after service for Post-9/11 veterans.


Event Outcome Analysis; Policy Evaluation; Pooled Cross-sectional Data; Veterans Transition


Defense and Security Studies | Public Policy

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University of Nevada, Las Vegas




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