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The emotional impact of a shooting incident on the individual police officer has been recognized and detailed by both police and mental health professionals (Lippert & Ferrara, 1984). The human cost and financial costs to Police Departments as a result of "post shooting" trauma has sensitized many departments to the need for professional support for officers involved in shootings. Recent survey research has provided information about the percentage of officers who experienced great, moderate, or no emotional impact after being involved in shootings (Stratton, 1982). However, information about the degree to which police departments have responded to this need has been lacking. The stress from the post shooting trauma is sometimes overwhelming as the officer feels betrayed by the department he/she serves. In addition, he/she faces administrative and legal proceedings which can well result in his being disciplined, terminated, sued, or even criminally charged.


Las Vegas (Nev.) Metropolitan Police Dept; Police mental health services; Police shootings


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