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May 2017

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Master of Science (MS)


Computer Science

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Yoohwan Kim

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Ajoy K. Datta

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Juyeon Jo

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Venkatesan Muthukumar

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Android Smart phones have gained immense popularity over the years and is undoubtedly more popular than other operating system phones. Following the similar lines android wear was introduced. Steadily android wear is making its way into our daily lives. It helps keep track of the sleep you have, helps you reach fitness goals, keeps track of phone and helps users have easy authentication. Due to the usage of smart lock which enables phone to be unlocked as long as connected to the android wear, this leads to almost no security on both the ends as android wear before Android 5.0 has no lock. We aim to produce the existing authentication methods in android phones and wear and the threats that plague both kinds of devices. As authentication is one of the major building blocks of security, through research we aim at designing a system for android phones which will be able to protect the sensitive data on devices which will be at risk through smart lock using encryption techniques. In this proposed system, the user would be able to decide which applications are needed to be secured when he is using smart lock. This application will enable lock for those user chosen applications as soon as the smart phone device is connected to android wear and similarly disables the lock when connection is disabled between the devices and communication between devices is made secure using encryption algorithms. This application does not interfere with easy phone authentication which users demand but it makes sure data is protected and users are authenticated with the help of multiple authentication layering.


Android Authentication; Android Security; Encryption; Mobile Authentication; Smart lock; Wearable Technology


Computer Sciences

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University of Nevada, Las Vegas




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