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Doctor of Nursing (ND)



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Mary Bondmass

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Michelle Clark

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Christopher Heavey

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The overall mission of this project was to ensure mothers are knowledgeable about postpartum depression (PPD) risk factors, strategies to address the risk factors, and that they have the confidence to seek help for risk factors of PPD or symptoms of PPD after childbirth. The goals of the project included: 1) increasing the knowledge of women in the perinatal period about PPD and the risk factors for developing PPD, 2) increasing women’s intention to address/modify their risk factors for developing PPD, and 3) empowering women to seek help if symptoms of PPD occur. The Health Belief Model was the theoretical framework used to guide this project and consists of six constructs that affect a person’s decision to take action to prevent, screen for, and control illness. Using a control and intervention group approach, a ten minute educational presentation was implemented for the intervention group. Both control and intervention groups were provided a PPD test to evaluate their knowledge related to PPD. The results indicated the three goals of this project were achieved and the objectives accomplished; there was an increase in knowledge about PPD, an increase intention to modify risk factors and an increase in help-seeking behaviors for PPD in pregnant women following the PPD educational intervention of this project.





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