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Karen Layne, D.P.A.

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William Thompson, Ph.D.

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The primary focus of this professional paper is to determine and then compare turnover rates between public agencies and the gaming industry in the Las Vegas area. The paper's intention is to discover what differences and similarities in employee turnover rates exist between public agencies and casinos. A secondary focus is to determine if the public sector can provide any lessons to lower employee turnover to the Las Vegas gaming industry. This secondary focus is based on the assumption that public agencies have higher employee retention (and, therefore, a lower rate of turnover) than those found within the Las Vegas casino industry. The comparison will be limited in scope in that only full time non-exempt positions will be compared from each organization located within the Las Vegas area.


Administrative agencies; Casino industry; Casinos employees; Civil servants; Employee retention; Labor turnover; Las Vegas (Nev.); Nevada


Business | Labor Relations | Management Sciences and Quantitative Methods | Public Administration | Work, Economy and Organizations