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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Hotel Administration

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James A. Busser

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Billy Bai

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Hyelin Kim

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Lori Temple

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With the emergence of shared business models, hospitality and tourism consumers are faced with the decision to accept value propositions from various service providers, including traditional, collaborative and shared. Grounded in service-dominant logic, theory of acceptance, theory of value, self-determination theory and generational theory, this dissertation examines why consumers accept value propositions from service providers and what drives customers to collaborate with front-line employees. The research uses three studies that utilized a destination resort context with a mixed factorial equal cells experimental design. Study 1 utilized a 3 (generations) x 3 (business models) x 4 (value propositions) factorial between-within subjects design. Study 2 manipulated independent self-determination factors and used 3 (generations) x 2 (customers vs. employees) x 2 (strong or weak SDT factor) x 4 (value propositions). Study 3 extended study 2 by examining the additive effects of self-determination factors. The new conceptual framework of propositions-acceptance-collaboration was tested. This study is the first to simultaneously examine different value proposition results in three different business models and explore the differences between customers and employees in perceptions of collaboration. Mediation effects of co-created value and levels of acceptances on personal, organizational and collaborative results were tested and established. Strong self-determination factors positively influenced co-created value appraisal and outcomes of collaboration. Additive self-determination factors had a positive impact on outcomes when compared with independent factors.


co-creation; collaboration; self-determination; service-dominant logic; theory of acceptance; value


Business Administration, Management, and Operations | Social Psychology | Work, Economy and Organizations

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University of Nevada, Las Vegas




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