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An in-depth review of the use of force policies and practices used by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) was conducted after the alarming rate of officer involved shootings was publicized by the Las Vegas Review Journal (RJ) in 2011. The 75 recommendations handed down to LVMPD after the review not only helped guide the agency towards procedural and reporting changes, but also paved a way for the agency to begin rebuilding trust in police within the community. This program evaluation focuses on the community engagement efforts put forth by the Bolden Area Command (BAC) community oriented policing (COP) program, from events they sponsor to youth leagues they coach, in the realm of community engagement. The evaluation will serve as a tool to determine what works with community engagement and what opportunities may come. The ultimate goal of COP programs across the United States is to improve relations between the police and the communities they serve, building trust and mutual respect. This relationship building process is imperative to effectively address underlying issues and change negative behavioral patterns not only in Las Vegas, but across the country (U.S. Department of Justice, 2017).


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