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This paper will evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization, Family Promise of Las Vegas. This organization focuses on providing stable housing for homeless families in Southern Nevada.

The team of 3Masters used historical information on homelessness and the changes that have occurred in order to understand the current homeless situation. In addition, surveys were used to collect data from previous guests of Family Promise, congregation administrators, and volunteers for the organization. A benchmark study was conducted using similar Family Promise agencies to evaluate additional options for services. Finally, face-to-face interviews with employees were conducted and an on-site observation was done to get a first-hand look at the processes.

The 3Masters compiled and analyzed all of this information in order to come up with several recommendations for Family Promise of Las Vegas that will help make the organization more efficient and the services more effective.

The first recommendation is to training the congregation administrators to be volunteer recruiters. This short-term recommendation can be implemented easily by providing training and education on Family Promise.

There were several mid-term recommendations that all revolved around education of the guests of Family Promise. Three educational sessions are recommended including: financial literacy, being a good tenant, and job training. By offering these additional educational opportunities, Family Promise can help create a more stable living situation for their graduated guests.

Finally, there are two long-term recommendations that are made. The first is to provide some sort of pet care for families that have pets. Pets are generally a member of the family and provide love and support that can help guests through a difficult time. The second recommendation is to extend the amount of time for transitional housing or assistance. By providing this assistance for a longer period of time, families can create a more stable living situation that is more sustainable.

Implementing these recommendations will help improve the effectiveness and efficiency of Family Promise.


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