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This paper will explore the consumer base playing fantasy sports and comparing it with the consumer base that is currently betting on sports. According to the Fantasy Sport Trade Association, (FSTA), there are an estimated 41 million people that actively participate in fantasy sports in the United States of America and Canada (Dwyer, Achen & Lupninek, 2016). The FSTA also estimated that $1 billion was spend directly on fantasy products with an additional $4 billion spent on related services such as media (Dwyer, et al., 2016). If there is a link between playing fantasy sports and sports betting, then being able to reach those players and get them in the casino sports book is key to adding more bettors in the mix. No published research has specifically looked at establishing this link between playing fantasy sports and betting on sports. There have been several studies that have tried to link playing fantasy sports and gambling (Bernhard & Eade, 2005; Lee, Kwak, Lim, Pedersen, & Miloch, 2010; Moorman, 2008; Martin & Nelson, 2014).


Sports betting; eSports; Betting crossover


Business | Gaming and Casino Operations Management | Hospitality Administration and Management

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