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Big Data has been in the eye of storm in all walks of live. Since the tourism industry is able to generate tons of data each day, Big Data has caught the attention of scholars and professionals of the industry. People might hear of Big Data here and there, yet are they clear about what Big Data means? Does Big Data refer to a certain amount data or a technology to acquire information to support evidenced decision?

Unfortunately there is no general consensus in academic area according to the book, Big Data: Principals and Paradigms (Buyya, Calheiros, & Dastjerdi, 2016) . The authors held the idea that the term Big Data itself was not clear. Although it did reveal the size of data, it didn’t define how “big” is enough to be categorized as Big Data, which was supposed to be concerned with “time, space and circumstance”. Further review on research is needed to define the term.

Different from that of decades ago, when paper took the role of primary data storage, data today are comprised of not only textual information but also visual and audio data, a large part of which come from community websites. The tourism industry is facing such a great opportunity that a large number of these community websites are related to tourism industry and could be made use of to dig out information to support strategic business decisions.

Despite such large amount of data ready to be analyzed and travelers’ attention on the information provided by community websites, a large of companies in tourism industries have not taken measures to take advantage of big data.

With a systematic review on existing tourism & hospitality research on Big Data, questions listed above might be able to find potential answers.


Big data; Research on tourism and hospitality


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