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May 2018

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Doctor of Nursing (ND)



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Patricia Gatlin

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Jessica Doolen

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Sheniz Moonie

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Obesity has been classified as a major national health care problem that results in a significant increase in morbidity, mortality, and health care related costs. Seventy percent of all adults age 18 and older have a body mass index (BMI) of 25 or greater, indicating they are overweight or obese. Thirty-six percent of college students are overweight or obese. Research has shown that lack of time has further decreased weight-related counseling by primary-care providers. Printed materials have been shown to be effective in cueing individuals to engage in healthy behaviors such as following physical activity and recommended nutritional guidelines. Currently, there are no evidence-based guidelines in place at a university student health center (SHC) for providing nutrition and physical activity recommendations. The goal of this project was to create and test the content validity of an evidence-based printed brochure containing physical-activity and recommended nutritional guidelines. The mission of this project was to ease the barrier of lack of time for the provider in providing important and timely information to individuals at a university SHC. The development of this brochure specifically targeted the cues to action portion of the Health Belief Model to help trigger students to make a change. The brochure and survey questionnaire were developed and distributed to nutrition and physical activity experts to test the content validity. The content was deemed valid by sixteen out of seventeen experts that participated. The goal of this DNP project was met by creating an evidence-based, content valid tool that providers can use at the university health center to address the barrier of lack of time to provide essential information to patients. By utilizing this tool, providers can start counseling students who are overweight or obese, which can then create healthy lifestyle changes.



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University of Nevada, Las Vegas




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