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Master of Science in Curriculum and Instruction


Curriculum & Instruction

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Neal Strudler, Committee Chair

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Karen Grove, Committee Member

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Kendall Hartley, Committee Member

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CarolAnne Kardash

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This study investigated the similarities and differences in the implementation of face-to-face and online versions of an undergraduate educational technology course for elementary teacher candidates. A common course project, the Innovations Mini-teach , was the focus of the investigation. Twenty-four students participated in the face-to-face section, 22 were enrolled in the online section, and the instructor was the same for both classes. Through this investigation, similarities and differences were identified in the nature of the learning experience as well as student outcomes. Similarities included how the project was introduced, structured, and facilitated. Key differences pertained to the nature of collaboration and teaching strategies employed by the students. Gains in student learning outcomes were pronounced in each section, but the face-to-face group significantly outperformed the online group on post-test scores ( p = 0.005). Students in both sections presented similar reflections on personal growth in the use of technology in education.


Educational technology; Face-to-face learning environment; Innovations mini-teach; Online learning environment


Higher Education and Teaching | Teacher Education and Professional Development

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University of Nevada, Las Vegas




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