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May 2018

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Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA)



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Alfonse Anderson

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The anthologies currently available of modern American art song present a homogenous

view of the composers working today in this country. As a whole, they do little to

acknowledge the diverse group of musicians actively composing in this genre. As a

country filled with an array of talented and multi-cultural musicians, it is essential that

the vocal repertory accurately represents both the composers and the performers working

within the field.

The purpose of this document and anthology is to fill a void left by the current

published anthologies by presenting art song composed by immigrant composers. Geared

towards teachers and performers, this anthology will educate musicians on modern

American music and introduce new music into the art song repertory. These selections for

high voice and piano represent many cultures and languages and look at how various

musical traditions can intersect with classical contemporary music. The pieces found

within this anthology were chosen to represent the variety of music available. After

considering language, cultural background, vocal range, and vocal and piano difficulty

The music found within is ideally suited for teachers and performers as the selections are

engaging, but approachable for a variety of experience levels. This anthology will

provide much needed exposure to an underrepresented, but well-deserving group of

musicians and composers.


Anthology; Art Song; Immigrants



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University of Nevada, Las Vegas




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