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Master of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy


Marriage and Family Therapy

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The number of males abused sexually as children are significant and while the awareness of the needs of this population has increased, the process in treatment has not been sufficiently examined. The purpose of this study was to explore experienced clinicians' approach and understanding within treatment with adult male survivors of child sexual abuse. A qualitative research design was utilized, using purposeful expert sampling procedures. In this study, data was collected from phone interviews with five participants who were identified as highly experienced clinicians in the area of male survivors of child sexual abuse treatment. Using qualitative methods within phenomenological inquiry, several themes emerged as clinical considerations and implications within the assessment, treatment and termination phases of therapy with male survivors of child sexual abuse; respect for client's direction and pace, multi-focus in treatment, somatic interventions, safety to address feelings of shame and inadequacy, and insight used to understand latent effects of the abuse.


Adult child sexual abuse victims counseling of; Child sexual abuse psychological aspects; Male sexual abuse victims treatment; Sexually abused boys


Counseling Psychology | Mental and Social Health | Psychiatry and Psychology | Psychology