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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Educational Psychology & Higher Education

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Vicki Rosser

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Nancy Lough

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Stefani Relles

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System Governance in higher education has long referred to state level administration of multiple diverse public campuses under the public’s authority. Recent years have shown the development of similar multi-campus systems that remain under private control. Contrary to the for-profit trend seen in American higher education, these new private systems are categorized as non-profit entities that theoretically emphasize the public good of higher education. Furthermore, the growth and expansion of these private non-profit systems transcend state boundaries while pursuing diverse goals. The proposed line of research will seek to answer the following research questions: How does the Touro College and University System fit into the greater higher education enterprise? What policy or environmental considerations are most likely to influence private non-profit system governance? This study employs General systems theory as a theoretical framework in order to appropriately contextualize the governance practices of the private nonprofit system selected in this single case study design. The higher education ecosystem framework, originally developed for understanding policy influences on public state systems, will be amended and applied to this case with the same goal in mind. An understanding of the practices and perceptions of such system governance will likely inform administrators, faculty, and policymakers as to the rationale for some system behaviors and the sources of influence on such behaviors.


Case study; Governance; Higher education; Non-profit system; System governance



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University of Nevada, Las Vegas




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