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Health Physics and Diagnostic Sciences

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Steen Madsen

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Yu Kuang

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James Navalta

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Becoming an accredited clinic through the American College of Radiology (ACR) and their Radiation Oncology Practice Accreditation (ROPA) program will provide third-party evaluation of patient care to ensure the best treatment possible for patients.

Talk of getting ACR accreditation has occurred in the past for Utah Valley Hospital/American Fork Hospital, but at the time it was seen as something that did not provide sufficient value vs. the cost. The recent One Intermountain restructuring is intended to unify all of the Intermountain Healthcare radiation oncology centers in Utah so the Radiation Oncology Director has set the goal that all Intermountain radiation oncology programs will be accredited. Intermountain Medical Center (IMC) and Dixie Regional Medical Center (DRMC) are currently ACR accredited and can be used as model programs.

I started with an in-depth examination of our department’s workflow, documentation, and policies in order to determine where improvements to meet ACR accreditation standards could be made. I followed this up by working on implementing some of these improvements throughout the clinic and made sure they become routine and a standard in the department. An analysis of Dixie Regional Medical Center and Intermountain Medical Center’s ACR documents was performed to provide a baseline of an accredited-ACR program. Finally, a comprehensive checklist of everything that will need to be changed or implemented was presented in order to provide guidance for the future.


Medicine and Health Sciences | Physics

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