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August 2019

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Master of Science (MS)


Computer Science

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Yoohwan Kim

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Laxmi Gewali

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Ju-Yeon Jo

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Yingtao Jiang

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Blockchain is a rapidly evolving technology known for its security, immutability and decentralized nature. At its heart, it’s used for storing various kinds of data like transactions. But it is not limited to just the transactions or the cryptocurrency. It can also be used to store many other things like assets, IoT data or even multimedia data like songs, pictures, and videos.

The number of IoT devices being connected to the internet is increasing day by day. In fact, Garter (Analyst Firm) predicts there will be 20.4 Billion IoT devices by the end of 2020 [IOTb]. With the increase in the number of IoT devices, there will be an increase in the amount of data they generate. Managing this huge data efficiently so that its available to every authorized user without any integrity loss will be very pivotal in the near future.

HyperLedger is an open source project hosted by Linux Foundation. There are a lot of sub projects that come under the umbrella of HyperLedger consortia like HyperLedger Fabric, Indy, Composer and many more. HyperLedger Fabric is one of the projects initially developed by IBM and later contributed to HyperLedger. It allows us to develop private permissioned Blockchain following the best in industry standards and algorithms.

In this thesis, we are managing IoT data on the HyperLedger Fabric Blockchain. We will be collecting data from the IoT sensors and securely transmitting it to our node running the HyperLedger Blockchain using the MQTT protocol. After receiving data from the sensor we will process the data and add it to our ledger. We also evaluate the performance of our network taking various parameters like batch timeout, batch size, and message count into consideration.


Blockchain; Crypto; Fabric; HyperLedger; HyperLedger Fabric; IOT


Computer Sciences

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University of Nevada, Las Vegas




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