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August 2019

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Master of Science (MS)


Hotel Administration

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Billy Bai

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Mehmet Erdem

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Cass Shum

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John Schibrowsky

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With the rise of the peer-to-peer sharing economy, Airbnb has become the leading platform as an online marketplace that allows homeowners to contract short-term leases or rents to tourists. It has expanded rapidly around the globe. This study comprehensively reviews previous literature with respect to the marketing of Airbnb. The study then summarized and categorized 12 motivators linked as causative agents for guests choosing Airbnb. Using the push-pull theory, along with research on the consideration set, this study examines the relationships between Airbnb motivators and guests’ repurchase intention. This study further examines how the consideration set moderates these relationships.

Seventy-eight Airbnb guests were surveyed using a paper-based survey questionnaire in a pilot study. It shows that 13 factors were identified in principal component analysis. In the main study, a sample of 397 complete usable surveys were collected from an online platform. Supporting predictions, all motivators significantly predict repurchase intention. However, contrary to predictions, consideration set did not moderate the relationship between motivators and repurchase intention. The study’s theoretical and practical implications are discussed.


Airbnb; consideration set; motivators to use Airbnb; repurchase intention


Business Administration, Management, and Operations | Marketing

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University of Nevada, Las Vegas




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