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The Harlem Renaissance and the Black Arts Movement were two seminal eras in American history. The Renaissance also referred to as the New Negro Movement was a literary artistic, and cultural movement, centered in Harlem in which writers produced large bastions of literary works. African descended people began to identify with their African past and intellectuals adopted Black Nationalist and Pan-Africanist methodologies to overcome oppression. Their efforts laid a foundation for the Civil Rights movement. The Black Arts Movement, an era of intense literary artistic activism begun with the assassination of Malcolm X. Artist/intellectuals responded to a more hostile environment by producing more radical art forms. They came with a razor sharp mentality to produce a Black aesthetic as a foundation from which those oppressed could advance. In doing so they implemented an entirely fresh literary style and agenda that would pervade all Black art genre’s and Black cultural traditions. Their words heard around the world delivered a message that no one should have to detach a part of them self and become someone else to exist. These significant historical eras created prolific visionaries whose creativity continues to resonate with underserved populations.


Black; Harlem; Literature; Movements; Renaissance; Sixties


African American Studies | American Studies | Race and Ethnicity | United States History

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