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December 2019

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



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Daniel Allen

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Murray Millar

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Joel Snyder

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Merrill Landers

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Emotion regulation and emotion processing deficits cut across the varying symptom presentations of schizophrenia. Emotion processing deficits are inadequately treated by pharmacologic interventions and are related to real-world functional impact and disability. This study investigated behavioral and psychophysiological responses to a series of emotion regulation tasks while concurrently collecting eye tracking data as an index of visual attention. A brief neurocognitive assessment was also completed in order to examine potential cognitive determinants of emotion. Participants completed tasks designed to assess cognitive change and directed attention strategies for down-regulation of unpleasant and pleasant emotion. For each of our two unpleasant emotion tasks (Windows and Descriptors), participants were presented stimuli in three conditions: Unpleasantly described or focused unpleasant images, neutrally described or focused unpleasant images, and neutral images described neutrally. Twenty three participants (14 Controls; CN) completed study procedures. For the unpleasant tasks, participants with schizophrenia (SZ) reported increased unpleasantness relative to controls; however, psychophysiological indices were suggestive of attenuated emotional response, when significant. Executive functioning was associated with unpleasantness ratings and heart rate change for unpleasantly focused unpleasant stimuli in a directed attention task. Directed attention indices as evidenced by eye-tracking were non-contributory. The present data clarify findings from previous research on emotion in schizophrenia and suggest that there may be a miss-match between self-report and emotional experience in this population or a breakdown of peripheral nervous system responses related to emotional experience.


Cognition; Emotion; Eye Tracking; Psychophysiology; Schizophrenia; Visual


Mental and Social Health | Psychology

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