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Health Care Administration and Policy

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Healthcare-associated infections (HAI) are a pressing problem affecting vulnerable individuals who come to the hospital to receive care for one condition only to find that they have contracted another during their stay. Studies point to the importance of training and educating staff in order to implement and comply with recommended infection control and prevention control and prevention practices as lack of training and knowledge about infection control and prevention has been perceived to bring about a limited ability for direct care staff to adhere to recommended processes and activities. Although there are prior studies on the effects of assessments, infection control practices, and audits on the reduction of healthcare associated infections, there is little research tying facility structure, resources, and practices with HAI rates of facilities.

The purpose of this research is to discover if there is an association between infection control practices of healthcare facilities, their reported HAI rates and outbreaks of notifiable disease. Datasets for analysis will include: National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) data, Infection control assessments result from Nevada facilities, health care facility outbreak data (length of outbreak, etiologic agent, the month of outbreak, etc.), nursing home compare data, and hospital compare data as it related to the study. Once the link is better understood, this information can be utilized in assessing and developing more effective infection prevention measures for healthcare facilities.

The Donabedian framework was used to examine and evaluate the structure, process, and outcome of infection control practices. In this study, structure elements and process elements are shown to influence outcome.


Healthcare Associated Infection; Healthcare Policies; Infection Control practice; Infection prevention; Infection rate; Nosocomial infection


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