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Costs associated with training new nurses from the time of hire to the time of independent practice can cost organizations nearly $100,000 per nurse (Acuna, Yoder, Madrigal-Gonzalez & Yoder-Wise, 2017; Silvestre, Ulrich, Johnson, Spector, & Blegan, 2017; Trepanier, Early, Ulrich & Cherry, 2012). New-hire costs for a dedicated education unit (DEU)-prepared newly qualified newly hired nurse (NQNHN) may be prohibitive for some hospitals when considering the cumulative amount of time and costs dedicated to training these specially prepared nurses who have previous clinical and organizational experience from their time as nursing students within the organization over the duration of their clinical rotations. The existing literature substantiating the cost-benefits of an organization hosting a DEU for the academic partner is plentiful; however, there is very little information that provides the organization with the necessary information to gauge the benefits of hiring a DEU-NQNHN. The purpose of this Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) project is to identify orientation time and cost reduction opportunities by creating a cost-savings model for the DEU-NQNHN and provide recommendations for future orientations. There is a potential for hospitals to save at minimum $5,000 per DEU-NQNHN with a competency-based orientation workflow which assesses and validates the knowledge and experience of the DEU-NQNHN at the time of hire into an organization. Reduction potential of nearly 60 hours of orientation time can be achieved. This workflow change can save a little over $130,000 annually for an average cohort of six DEU-NQNHNs for organizations. Keywords: competency-based orientation, cost-benefit analysis, cost-savings model, dedicated education unit, dedicated education unit prepared nurse, innovative orientation, newly qualified newly hired nurse, onboarding, orientation, registered nurse


Competency-based orientation; Cost-savings model; Dedicated education unit; Dedicated education unit prepared nurse; Innovative orientation; Newly qualified newly hired nurse



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