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The number of African Immigrants in the United States is increasing. The prevalence of hypertension among Blacks, including African Immigrants are high. In addition to the increased susceptibility to hypertension, lack of disease awareness and unhealthy lifestyle are documented barriers to achieving adequate blood pressure control. The purpose of this project was to determine the impact of implementing a 30-minute, culturally-tailored, evidence based educational session on hypertension to promote knowledge and initiate behavior change in African Immigrants. This was a descriptive, cross-sectional study. Blood pressures were measured and survey instruments such as the Hypertension Evaluation of Lifestyle and Management scale (HELM) to assess knowledge and the Hypertension Self-Care Profile (HBP-SCP) Behavior subscale were completed by participants pre and post-educational sessions with a 30-day follow up. Paired t-test results were not significant for blood pressure readings and scores from the HBP-SCP from two time points (pre and 30-day follow up). Paired t-test scores from the HELM at three different time points showed significant increase in knowledge immediately post education but was not sustained after a 30-day follow up. Findings from this Doctor of Nursing Practice Project resulted to a short-term, immediate increase in knowledge on hypertension that is necessary toward initiating improved lifestyle among African Immigrants. This project, using a brief, practical, and introductory educational program helps to lay a foundation for more comprehensive work in the future.


African-Immigrants; Behavior; Culturally-tailored education; Hypertension; Knowledge; Life-style modification


African Studies | Nursing | Race, Ethnicity and Post-Colonial Studies | Science and Mathematics Education

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