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Spring 1997

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Bachelor of Arts


Environmental Science

Advisor 1

Dr. Kathleen Truman, Director, Office of Environmental Affairs and Community Sustainability, Department of Environmental Studies

Advisor 2

Dr. Jim Deacon, Director of the UNLV Environmental Studies Department

Advisor 3

Dr. Helen Neill, UNLV Economics Professor

First Committee Member

Tara Pike, UNLV Rebel Recycling Program Coordinator

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The Las Vegas hotel and restaurant industries generate 27% of the total waste for Clark County, Nevada. In an effort to study and increase recycling participation in the hospitality industry, Las Vegas hotels and restaurants were contacted to participate in a collaborative project between UNLV's Department of Environmental Studies and the Clark County Health District's Environmental Health Division, The project involved interviewing establishments with recycling programs currently in place. Information gathered from interviews and program tours was used to develop programs for hotels and restaurants who were not yet recycling. This thesis contains case studies of restaurants and hotels who were not recycling prior to their participation in this study, Waste assessments were performed and a recycling program was designed based on the needs of the specific business. Other case studies included are from hotels and restaurants whose programs were used as models for many of the newly implemented programs. Recycling program details, including costs and savings are included for each participant. Because of the difficulty in obtaining information from Silver State Disposal regarding specific waste volumes generated, some of the hotels were unable to provide certain details about their programs. However, all available information shared during the interviews and tours at the hotels and restaurants is included in each case study,


Hospitality industry; Nevada – Las Vegas; Recycling (Waste; etc.)


Environmental Sciences | Hospitality Administration and Management | Sustainability

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University of Nevada, Las Vegas




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