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Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) is the number one cause of bronchiolitis in children under five years of age and regretfully the number one cause of hospitalization in the first year of life. RSV leads to over three million hospitalizations, two million outpatient visits, and 200,000 deaths in the pediatric population globally each year. While no vaccine is currently available to prevent the spread of RSV, efforts must be shown in spreading awareness of strategies utilized in infection prevention such as hand hygiene and properly covering a cough or sneeze.

This project aimed to present this education to a target population of primary caregivers of children five years of age and younger through local daycare facilities. The intervention consisted of developing an educational pamphlet regarding RSV at the fifth grade reading level and recruiting nine local expert healthcare providers to validate the tool utilizing a four-point Likert scale. Once validation was received, the pamphlet was released to three local daycare facilities, and primary caregivers were asked to review this pamphlet also utilizing a four-point Likert scale through an attached survey. Survey results concluded that this pamphlet was a valuable tool of information that promoted awareness of RSV and led to parents being highly likely to implement the disease prevention strategies included. Overall, the utilization of a health promotion and disease prevention pamphlet regarding RSV was a successful intervention tool for primary caregivers of children five years of age and younger.


Daycare; Education; Infection prevention; Pamphlet; Respiratory syncytial virus



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