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Research examining positive stereotypes has suggested a possible connection between positive stereotype endorsement and prejudice. This literature, however, has not investigated the relation between positive and negative stereotypes endorsement. Additionally, the combined impact of positive and negative stereotype endorsement predicting prejudice or discrimination has not been considered. Two studies were conducted to address the limitations in past research and gain a better understanding of positive stereotypes relating to behaviors toward out-group racial groups using Hispanic and White participants. Positive stereotypes endorsement was hypothesized to be positively associated with negative stereotype endorsement and was expected to increase the predicted power of a regression model regressing overall stereotype endorsement on discriminatory behavior – measured by helping and social distance. Results from both studies did not find a significant relationship between negative and positive stereotype endorsement. Both positive and negative stereotype endorsement predicted discrimination, however, they contributed to the model in different ways. Negative stereotype endorsement was found to increase discrimination toward the target group, but positive stereotype endorsement was found to decreases discrimination toward the target group. Hispanic stereotype content endorsed by White participants was also examined using open-ended responses in study one. Results of a thematic analysis showed consistency in the positive and negative Hispanic stereotype content for the qualitative and quantitative measures of endorsement.


discrimination; Hispanic; prejudice; stereotypes


Experimental Analysis of Behavior | Social Psychology

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