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Theatre Arts

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This thesis explores senior adult theatre recorded interviews, several text book, internet, and published articles that report on findings conducted by educational scholars regarding senior adults in theatre 60 and older. Subsequent background research reflects on multigenerational accomplishments within historical American Theatre and The American Theatre Association discoveries regarding senior adult theatre. Further inquiries include reflections on The American Theatre Association of Senior Adult Theatre, Liz Lerman’s Dance Exchange of Maryland, Ohio State University Senior Adult Theatre programs, University of North Carolina Center for Creative Retirement, Montgomery County Maryland Senior Theatre program, University of Oregon, Art Age, the history of the University of Nevada Las Vegas College of Fine Arts Senior Adult Theatre programs, and the Stanford University intergenerational engagement study. Multicultural research and key issues embedded within the larger cultural portrait of the senior adult theatre community lead to comprehension of the intergenerational model curriculum and instructional programs inherent in the StageBridge storytelling process. Lastly, the thesis is an appeal to reinstate the Senior Adult Theatre Bachelor program that was once offered at UNLV.


Broadway; Concurrently; Dramatic; Footlights; Production; Show


Communication | Education | Performance Studies | Theatre and Performance Studies

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