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Bullying is a pervasive issue in today’s schools that has a significant impact on the mental health of students. Resilience has a positive impact on the outcomes related to facing adversity including bullying. The following dissertation study asks whether the relation between bullying victimization and social anxiety differs as a function of resilience and gender. It was hypothesized that bullying victims with increased resilience would show lower levels of social anxiety, as would students that report their gender as female. Chapter one discusses the significance of the problem, defines relevant constructs, and introduces the problem statement. Chapter two outlines the theoretical framework used and provides a review of relevant research. Chapter three outlines the research methodology for this dissertation study, which used secondary research data to determine if the relation between bullying victimization and social anxiety differs as a function of resilience or gender. A moderated multiple regression analysis with ordinary least squares estimation using the PROCESS macro model 2 for SPSS 26 was conducted. While a significant regression equation was found where the model predicted 10.07% of the variance in social anxiety, individual predictors and interactions did not significantly predict social anxiety. However, while bullying victimization was not a significant predictor in the model, it approached significance. Therefore, this study did not support the hypotheses that resilience or gender moderates the relation between bullying victimization and social anxiety.


Bullying; Gender; Resilience; Social Anxiety


Educational Psychology | Psychology

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