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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Hotel Administration

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This research investigates the causes and effects of prosocial rule-breaking behavior among hospitality employees to serve a customer. This research takes a two-study approach based on the depletion theory (Baumeister, 2002). Study 1 examines the effect of unique aspects of the hospitality industry i.e., customer mistreatment and work-overload on PSRB-S through the mediating role of employee depletion. To avoid common method biases, a two-wave time-lagged online survey research design was implemented to collect data for Study 1. Customer mistreatment and work overload were measured in Time 1 and employee depletion and PSRB-S were measured in Time 2. Study 2 examined the effect of employee PSRB-S on customer outcomes including customer mistreatment and customer satisfaction through the mediating role of customer depletion. The moderating role of the type of customer (benefiter vs. vs. observers without similar needs vs. observer with similar needs) was also investigated. Study 2 used a scenario-based experiment to collect data. Results suggest that customer-mistreatment and excessive workload influence employee PSRB-S through the mediating role of employee depletion. Results do not find any significant relationship between employee PSRB-S and customer mistreatment and customer satisfaction. Theoretical and practical implications are discussed.


Customer Mistreatment; Customer Satisfaction; Depletion; Employee; Prosocial Rule-Breaking; Work Overload


Work, Economy and Organizations

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