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Spring 2005

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Master of Public Administration (MPA)


Public Administration

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The Nevada State Gaming Control Board’s main duty is to regulate Nevada’s gaming industry. The gaming industry in Nevada had seen a rapid growth in gaming revenue within the last fifty years which resulted in the casino industry being taken over by large corporations and becoming very powerful. When private industries become very powerful, they can easily persuade their regulating committees to create policies that benefit the industry and not the general public. The Capture Theory, which was originated by George Stigler, explains that regulators commonly become captured by the industry which they regulate. Moreover, once the individual regulators leave their appointed position, they may financially benefit from entering into the casino industry either directly or indirectly. In this paper, I have developed an empirical research proposal that examines the extent to which previous and current members of the Nevada State Gaming Control Board have entered into the gaming industry, before and after serving out their appointed positions. The main focus of my professional paper is to analyze the professional career paths of previous and current members of the Nevada State Gaming Control Board. This type of study has never been completed before.


Gambling industry – Law and legislation; Independent regulatory commissions — Corrupt practices; Nevada. State Gaming Control Board


Gaming and Casino Operations Management | Public Affairs, Public Policy and Public Administration

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University of Nevada, Las Vegas




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