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Public Administration

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Dr. William Thompson

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Dr. Soonhee Kim

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Scientific research has produced substantial social benefits but has also posed troubling ethical questions with regard to the use and protection of human subjects. These questions have continued to be in the forefront of all biomedical and social research. The increased education of researchers on the subject of protection of human subjects has become of vital importance in the research world. This education involves program administrators, faculty, staff, students, research participants, and Institutional Review Board Committee (IRB) members. In this study of the University of Nevada, LasVegas (UNLV) human subjects’ protection program administration, the question to be answered was: has the increased emphasis on education in the area of human subjects’ protection by the newly created Office of Protection of Research Subjects (OPRS) in 1999 at UNLV increased the number of protocols submissions for research conducted over the period of time from 1994-2002. My interest in this subject began in 1994 when I was hired to administer the human subjects program in the UNLV Office of Sponsored Programs under the Office of Research. I realized very quickly the responsibility that the Administrator held in educating researchers of the legal requirements and the great importance of human subject protection in research.


Human experimentation in medicine – Ethics; Human experimentation in psychology – Ethics; Research — Moral and ethical aspects


Bioethics and Medical Ethics | Ethics in Religion | Public Affairs, Public Policy and Public Administration

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