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Computer Science

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The challenges of drone navigation have driven many advances in the development of autonomous systems. Unmanned Autonomous Vehicles(UAVs) operate in a rapidly changing flight space and have to balance a complex set of constraints and objectives. Many of these objectives can be represented in variations of the classic Traveling Salesman Problem. Numerous approximate solutions to TSP have been proposed over the years, but these approaches have difficulty when adding new constraints that require rapid recalculation of the solution. Either they are fast but do not provide solutions that are close to the optimum, or they provide excellent solutions but they take a large number of computational resources to arrive at a solution. We are proposing a new algorithm that will be able to provide a very competitive solution to TSP compared to other probabilistic and deterministic approaches. We will demonstrate that this new algorithm is robust and efficient enough to be effective within the strict computational constraints of a typical UAV avionics system.


Genetic Algorithms; Prim's Algorithm; Simulated Annealing; Traveling Salesman Problem; Unmanned Autonomous Vehicles


Computer Sciences

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University of Nevada, Las Vegas




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