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Teaching and Learning

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This dissertation study aspired to examine the stories of what internal and external supports lead Black men to pursue, and persist through, doctoral degree programs at predominately white institutions (PWIs). Arguably, advancing one’s education towards a doctoral degree, involves several years of rigorous coursework, a comprehensive examination, degree benchmarks, and a formal dissertation study, which could provide guaranteed economic and social stability. There is a disproportionately that exists among the number of Black men being awarded doctoral degrees yearly as compared to white men. This study will examine Black males’ stories of support along the doctoral trajectory.

The study utilizes Yosso’s (2005) Community Cultural Wealth (CCW), valuing what already exists within Communities of Color and the Black Male Adult Learner Success Theory (BMALST), which is “specifically suited for Black male adult learners” (Goings, 2020, p. 2) as the theoretical lenses for this dissertation study. Narrative inquiry was the methodological approach used to complete this research study. Data collected consists of a critical incident writing prompt and interviews. The data was analyzed for categories, themes, and tenets related to CCW and BMALST. The findings from this study emerged four themes: Understanding the Black Male Learner Internalized “Why”, Appreciating Partnerships, Connecting with God or a Higher Power, and Leveraging on Supportive Employers and Colleagues.


Anti-deficit; Black males; Community Cultural Wealth; Doctoral education; Higher education; Success


Bilingual, Multilingual, and Multicultural Education | Education | Higher Education Administration

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