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Massive organizational changes occurring in our health care delivery system have provided opportunities for nurse leaders who think in terms of population health, to develop new skills needed to impact the populations they serve. Aspects of these changes include a focus on the delivery of primary and community-based care and the development of partnerships, alliances, and other linkages across settings to build integrated systems (Williams, 2020, p. 17). Turner (2020) asserts that population-focused nurse leaders are charged with creating a new future for healthier communities which often involves strategic partnership development. However, strategic partnership development is a complex task that requires much time, energy, and thoughtful attention (p. 881).

The purpose of this Doctoral of Nursing (DNP) project was to develop, implement, and evaluate an online module for nurse leaders to increase knowledge and self-efficacy related to developing, growing, and sustaining strategic partnerships to impact population health. An online module was designed by this DNP student that includes five major content areas; 1) Understanding the importance of strategic partnership development to impact population health in the current health care environment, 2) The foundations of successful partnerships that can be used across multiple disciplines, 3) How to examine potential partnerships for fit, relevancy, and achieving established goals, 4) How to grow and sustain partnerships that have been successfully implemented, and 5) The importance of continuous evaluation of strategic partnerships that have been implemented. The module was delivered in an online format that offered 1.5 hours of continuing education for busy nurse leaders who work in various healthcare settings.


Alliances; Continuum of care; Health care outcomes; Nurse leaders; Population health; Strategic partnerships


Health and Medical Administration | Nursing

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