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Background: Income is the strongest predictor of food insecurity among seniors, and social support also an essential factor to help mitigate the effects of food insecurity. However, little is known about the potential role that social support may play as a moderator of the association between income and food insecurity. Thus, we aim to examine social support as a moderator for the relationship between income and food insecurity among seniors. Methods: Logistic regression models were used to analyze data collected in 2019 from seniors residing in Southern Nevada. Predictors of food insecurity, sociodemographic factors, social support variables, and income and social support interaction were included in the analysis. Results: The prevalence rate of food insecurity was about 29%. Seniors with annual household incomes less than $20,000 were more likely to report food insecurity. (OR = 7.67; 95% CI: 5.00-11.77). Seniors who were "not content with friendship" more likely to report food insecurity (OR = 2.27; 95% CI: 1.43-3.60). The social support variable "not satisfied with my relationships" moderated the relationship of income and food insecurity among seniors in the age group of 65-79 years with incomes less than $20,000 (OR = 4.09, 95% CI: 1.03-16.33). Also, seniors who were "content with friendships" showed a conditional effect on the relationship of income and food insecurity among those with a disability in the lower-income category. Conclusion: This study identified groups at higher risk of food insecurity. Findings can be used to develop targeted interventions and outreach efforts in Southern Nevada.


Food insecurity; Seniors; Social support; Southern Nevada


Biostatistics | Epidemiology

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