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The main focus of this study is to examines what factors influence the tendency towards the Mukbang, and to understand the effectiveness of Mukbang. The specific purpose of this research is to examines how do the motivation of watching Mukbang affect the gratification obtained after watching Mukbang and what is the impact of the Mukbang on the utilitarian/ hedonic shopping values among Mukbang users and how do the perceived utilitarian and hedonic shopping values influence the user’s purchase intention. To find motivations of watching Mukbang, interview was performed. Five factors were developed from a interview of the responses to the motivation forwatching Mukbang. They include vicarious gratification, information-seeking, enjoyment, habitual time-spending, and attractiveness. Furthermore, for testing causal relationships, data were collected from 399 participants. By using SmartPLS, structural equation modeling was conducted. The results suggest that, for motivations, vicarious gratification, enjoyment, information-seeking, and habitual time-spending explain gratification obtained toward Mukbang. Furthermore, the results indicate that gratification obtained is a strong predictor for two types of shopping value (hedonic and utilitarian). Two types of shopping value were found to have a significant influence on the purchase intention. This research contributes to the literature in theoretical ways by connecting the use and gratification theory with shopping value. Even so, this research empirically verified how GO has effect on the utilitarian and hedonic shopping value. The findings suggest that the marketing managers and application developers of Mukbang related products should place their focus on vicarious gratification, enjoyment, information-seeking, and habitual time-spending to stimulate consumers in having a shopping value so to have a purchase intention.


Gratification obtained; Gratification sought; Mukbang; Shopping value; UGC; Use and gratification theory


Library and Information Science | Marketing

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