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Domestic medical tourism is a niche market in the medical tourism industry. The purpose of this study was to determine the association of different attributes on U.S residents’ willingness to participate in domestic medical tourism. Based on the medical tourism index (MTI) components, a total of fourteen possible attributes that may impact US residents’ willingness to seek out-of-town care were created and participants were asked to rate the importance of each attribute on their willingness to seek out-of-town care on a 10-point Likert scale. Using principal component analysis, the attributes were grouped into three components: (1) quality-of-care, (2) destination attraction, and (3) financial attributes. Three separate linear regression analyses were conducted to analyze the important factors that contribute to the willingness of US residents to engage in domestic medical tourism and to travel for a given set of eleven medical care services in any city within the USA and to Las Vegas. The findings indicate all the three MTI components were positively associated with the US residents’ willingness to travel for medical care services. The study provides a better understanding of socio-demographic and health-related characteristics of U.S residents. Future research should focus on determining the characteristics and level of satisfaction of actual US domestic medical travelers.

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Medical tourism


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