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Hotel Administration

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Information technology has evolved and has become a major part of every aspect of business. Hotel industry has accepted changes in IT and is now moving towards fully integrating new technologies in order to fulfill the goal of guest satisfaction. Several systems are examined in this case study based on the Hyatt place model to see if their functionality has an effect on the guest satisfaction and their overall experience in the hotel setting. The results are inconclusive from this case study since a modified survey is utilized due to time and resource constraints. However there is a lot of potential for future researchers to design a customized study to study the correlation between IT systems and their efficiencies and how they affect the overall guest experience in a hotel setting. This research could also be expanded to include different types of hotels such as limited service, luxury or boutique hotels.


Consumer satisfaction; Hospitality industry – Information technology; Hospitality industry – Technological innovations; Hotels


Hospitality Administration and Management

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University of Nevada, Las Vegas




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