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Eroticism is an important element of couple's relationships. Sexual intimacy has the power to bring couples closer together, as higher levels of sexual intimacy results in higher relationship satisfaction, or hinder relationships if either or both partners aren’t sexually satisfied in their relationship. The current study’s purpose is to understand how long-term, non-monogamous relationships have successfully maintained “eroticism” throughout the course of their relationship. In this study, 24 couples who are in a committed, romantic relationship of at least 7 years were interviewed. The interviews were conducted individually over a video call platform, and each was completed withing approximately 60 minutes. The couple received an incentive in the form of a gift card for their time. Nine themes emerged from the interviews: novelty, cultivating life-long learning, conjoint learning, love languages, communication, acceptance of partner, partner match, sex positivity and reinforcing/reteaching messages for future generations. We found incorporation of erotica, maintaining a sex-positive outlook and showing love to one’s partner in the ways in which they receive love were vital in the maintenance of sexual satisfaction.


eroticism; long-term; love; relationship; satisfaction; sexuality


Marriage and Family Therapy and Counseling | Psychiatric and Mental Health | Social and Behavioral Sciences

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