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Post-Professional Occupational Therapy Doctorate


Brain Health

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Donna Costa

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Jefferson Kinney

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Prospective students interested in Occupational Therapy academic programs are subject to the admission criteria of each educational institution, including experiential learning, clinical observation hours, volunteer experiences, or similar prerequisites. There are no standardized criteria established for these prerequisite requirements b the accreditation agency, as it is within the scope of Higher Education. There is no accountability at the regional or local level to ensure educational opportunities for prospective students interested in higher education, creating a gap as highlighted in the recent global pandemic, where student access to education was further challenged. Students are reliant on a variable set of requirements for each academic program of interest and self-initiate and negotiate contact with external stakeholders for completion of experiential learning, clinical observation hours, volunteer experiences, or similar prerequisites.

This doctoral project addresses this educational gap by developing introductory occupational therapy modules that meet the needs and expectations of students through collaboration with students in the curriculum design process. The online modules will assist future students interested in learning more about occupational therapy or seeking completion of the prerequisites of occupational therapy academic programs. Providing a standardized and accessible set of educational modules will close the gap in student educational access. The modules also offer an asoffert instrument for students and occupational therapy academic programs to use for inclusion or integration in meeting prerequisite knowledge and experience requirements during the application process. A more accessible introductory course created with standardized core concepts of occupational therapy may help student recruitment or retention efforts.


Occupational therapy; Web-based instruction; Education


Occupational Therapy | Online and Distance Education

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