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Yoga is a state of complete mindfulness and self-realization with an inwardly drawn focus, a state of mind – body integration in which there is a harmony between form and action. Yoga can help us treat a myriad of chronic health conditions like obesity, heart diseases, diabetes, depression, gastrointestinal problems, asthma, hypertension, chronic low back pain, and arthritis to name a few. Arthritis is a frequent, debilitating chronic disease which can cripple an individual if allowed to progress unchecked. In 2021, the prevalence of arthritis in USA was around 24% with a projection of 37% by 2030. Prevalence of arthritis is higher in Veterans (32%) than in non-Veterans (22%). Yoga de-stresses the mind, strengthens the muscles, and enhances the flexibility of joints in patients with arthritis. The objectives of our research were to determine the prevalence of arthritis, exercise, and performing yoga among Veterans in the United States, and to determine the association between arthritis and exercise and arthritis and yoga. We conducted a secondary data analysis of the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) survey from 2019. The participants for this study included those who self-identified as Veterans. We used chi square tests to calculate our descriptive statistics. Logistic regression analyses were performed to calculate odds ratios and where odds ratios were significant, multiple logistic regressions were performed to control for significant covariates (i.e. covariates that where related to exercise or yoga at the p


arthritis; BRFSS; Cross sectional; prevalence; veterans; yoga


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