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Depression is a principal cause of increased morbidity, mortality, and decreased quality of life for cardiovascular disease patients. Low levels of nurse confidence have been the outcomes of several studies and anecdotal reports regarding providing care for and approaching patients with acute and chronic illnesses in conjunction with behavioral and mental health issues. Current literature suggests that improving nursing education on the prevalence and impacts of depression improves nurse confidence. Depression screening tool education provided to nurses, with detailed disease information, empowers nurses in their attitudes, knowledge, and behaviors regarding patient depression. By improving depression screening rates among cardiovascular disease patient adverse short-term and long-term outcomes can be reduced or evaded. This Doctor of Nursing Project aims to improve nurses’ confidence in patient depression identification/screening. To accomplish this in an inpatient medical unit, nursing staff completed an informal nursing depression education. The training focused on altering attitudes, knowledge, and practices associated to patient depression. The predicted outcomes are an improved self-efficacy after completion of the education. A sample of 23 paired nursing participants analysis revealed an improvement of 11% in total in the completed survey scores after the education intervention. Further development and recognition are needed to close healthcare personnel’s gap in caring for chronic disease patients with comorbid behavioral health problems.


Heart Disease; Mental Health; Nursing; Video Learning



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