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Medication reconciliation is a significantly important process for safe patient care. It is the process of creating an accurate list of medications that a patient takes. Medication reconciliation is completed when a patient is admitted to a hospital and also when the patient is discharged from the hospital. Medication reconciliation is an important step that is needed to prevent medication discrepancies. However, errors with the medication reconciliation process still occur in the healthcare system. Nurses are most responsible for medication reconciliation. Nursing students lack training and education in reconciling medications. The primary goal of this project was to teach undergraduate nursing students the process of medication reconciliation utilizing a live actor simulation. The aim of the project is to increase undergraduate nursing students' knowledge and confidence levels in completing admission and discharge medication reconciliations. For this project, nursing students were engaged in a live actor simulation which engaged them in an admission and discharge medication reconciliation. The students answered knowledge questions and rated their confidence levels before and after the live actor simulation. Their knowledge levels were assessed through a 10-question multiple-choice test on content related to the medication reconciliation process. A 10-point Likert scale was used to measure their confidence levels with the process. The live actor simulation was proven effective in increasing undergraduate nursing students' knowledge levels and confidence levels.

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Nursing students;Medicine;Medical care;Drugs;



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